You Won’t Make Money Online Without Perfecting These 3 Key Elements

You Won't Make Money Online Without Perfecting These 3 Key Elements

You can forget about making money online if you don’t invest your time & intellect in perfecting these 3 key elements.

You may be different, but the thing that sets the really successful online entrepreneurs apart from the rest is that they never stop working at perfecting these requirements that are mandatory to make money online.

Whilst it may be simple, it certainly isn’t easy but if you think you can do it without putting in the hard yards you’ll be struggling to earn money online forever.

However, if you’re serious about joining the ranks of the big online earners you’ll need to invest is a great deal of time in researching, understanding & learning how to perfect each item in order to produce a slick online business model that’ll have the money rolling in.

On the other hand, if you don’t apply yourself to integrating these 3 requirements into your online business, you’ll always just be dreaming of how much money you could be making online – nothing more than that.

Let’s get started and examine these 3 key elements required to make money online.

3 Things You Must Ace To Make Money Online

1. A Hot Product

How To Find a Profitable Niche

Thinking Hard To Come Up With a Hot Product & Profitable Niche Might Be a Good Strategy Otherwise Use Niche Finder Software

On the face of it this is a fairly obvious one and I’m sure you can think of a number of products & services that are consistently in demand, for instance…

  • Weight loss products
  • Web hosting
  • Loans

The problem with marketing these products is that there is massive competition and you’ll have to go up against the big hitters like Amazon, web hosting companies and so on with little chance of success.

An effective option would be to get the right balance between choosing a smaller (or narrower) niche in which there is less competition, allowing you to rank highly in the search engines, but still enough interest.

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So, if for instance, you base your niche on “The Mating Habits Of the North Sea Clam” you’ll probably rank at the top of Google for all those keywords, but the downside is that there’s likely to be zero interest in it and consequently zero sales or profit for you.

So how do you find a niche, or product, that’s hot enough but not too hot?

You use this niche finder tool that will uncover profitable niches coupled with powerful keywords to get your site ranking at the top of the search engines & making money for you.

2. Online Web Presence

Establish a Professional Web Presence To Make Money Online

Establish a Professional Web Presence To Make Money Online

Now that you’ve got an idea of your product & niche you need to set up and establish a professional online presence that will be able to promote your product in the most effective way possible.

First off, please do not be tempted to use a free platform like Blogger or the free WordPress platform – it’s just too restrictive and fraught with other complications especially if you want a professional online presence.


You can get your site hosted with a professional hosting company like who have a vast array of tools & other functionality that you’ll need.

Once you’re set up with your hosting account I would recommend installing a WordPress blog, which is the same as a website, which can be done on Bluehost in minutes.


The next thing you need to do is to choose a professional WordPress theme that supports your product or niche.

There are tons to choose from but please consider the following when considering the WordPress theme you choose;

  1. Responsive so that it displays properly on all devices from cellphones to desktop computers
  2. It should be a clean fast design
  3. Ensure that it doesn’t have any hidden code that at best will just slow it down, and at worst, contain malware which will harm your search engine rankings not to mention all the other issues it’ll cause.

Signup Visitors

This is one of the most important elements of any internet business, you have to try and signup anyone who visits your sites.

If you don’t, they will probably be lost to you forever – I’ve made this mistake before and regret it to this day as I now realise how much money I let slip through my hands by not realising the importance of this.

You need to build your list so that you can pitch your product & services to them now & into the future and generally strengthen your relationship of trust with them.

This will encourage them to accept your advice & recommendations which has huge implications when it comes to pitching your products.

One of the best & most versatile packages to achieve this is Aweber which is arguably the most popular one used by internet marketers – see how it can benefit you »

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3. Get Traffic

Get Targetted Traffic To Make Money Online

Well Writing Post Will Generate Targetted Traffic Resulting In You Making Money Online

The final key element to setting yourself up to earn truckloads of cash online is getting highly targetted traffic.

Without this 3rd piece of the puzzle it’s unlikely, but not impossible, that you’ll make any money even if you’ve really aced points 1 & 2.

The reason for this is that your online presence needs to be populated with some content that is so awesome that people will want to link to it naturally.


You don’t have to make hundreds & hundreds of posts as quality content trumps volumes of thin content every time.

So concentrate on writing naturally but in a way that you can provide your target market with interesting and informative material that will encourage them to sign up for your newsletter subscription (through Aweber as explained above) or make a purchase.

If your content is just regurgitated rubbish any visitors you attract will be clicking away faster than you can say knife without having signed up or even considered making a purchase.

What you really need to elevate your site to the top of the SERPS (top of Google) is for your content to be considered so worthy that an authority site, or two, will naturally link to your site.

I can’t stress how beneficial this can be.

It happened to one of my sites in the Healthy Food niche which is pretty competitive, but just one quality backlink and I rank in the top 3 spots in Google for all the keywords associated with a certain type of diet.

I’ve got to say that when this happens you’ll think you’ve just had all your birthdays together as it instantly provides you with tons of targetted traffic ready to signup, buy, click on ads or whatever it is you want them to do, resulting in you making more money.

So to recap, it’s all about posting well written content around your keywords for that particular post.


Once your content’s been posted you need to optimise your site to get maximum exposure in the search engines, particularly Google.

This could be the subject of a whole website as it’s so vast and covers so many angles.

However, the main things are to optimise your posts for your chosen keywords, that you would’ve researched in point 1 above, and to also include them in your title, description, headings and sub-headings.

For a more detailed explanation of optimising your posts, Brian Dean explains it all here

Your post’s title needs to not only include your keyword phrase, but also must be so catchy & memorable that it entices people to click on it.

Not only will this increase direct traffic to your site but you’ll also rise in the Google rankings as more clicks = more relevance in the world of Google.

For some ideas & inspiration you won’t get better advice on writing headlines & title’s than with copyblogger

Lastly, please don’t be overwhelmed by everything you need to do because as you notice things beginning to happen and money starting to come in there’s no better feeling.

Whilst there’s no shortcut to making real money online, there is a way to make it easier…

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