Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs

If You Enjoy Writing & Want To Earn Money Doing It, Then These Freelance Writing Jobs Are Just What You Need

If you enjoy writing then doing freelance writing jobs provides you with a great way to earn an extra income.

Not only is it possible to get paid really good money for doing online writing jobs, but you can even do it in your spare time if you aren’t doing it as a full time job or career.

Doing freelance writing jobs online from home, or at work in your free time, has become a popular and effective way of earning a living or just doing it for an extra income.

Whilst there have been many freelance writing job opportunities that haven’t delivered on their promises, many legitimate online writing jobs exist for most levels of writing competencies.

In fact, due to the high demand for writers to write copy (content) in the form of short articles, blog posts or even proof reading content, there are plenty of freelance writing jobs for beginners as well.

So no matter what your level, anyone can do writing jobs from home and generate a more than decent income by doing it full time or for extra money in your spare time.

Furthermore, with the worldwide recession causing so many layoffs, competent people now have a great opportunity to earn money by taking on writing jobs that can cover thousands of topics anywhere in the world, in fact you can even get freelance writing jobs in South Africa.

5 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay

 Freelance writing jobs online

You Won’t Have To Wait In Line To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Learn From Established Freelance Writers

You go to school on the established freelance writers’ websites and learn from them by reading their blog posts and so on.

You’ll probably also be able to see who their clients are and where they’re making most of their money.

For instance some writers charge $2,000 for a long sales page, so if you’re particularly adept at writing good sales copy these kind of jobs could be for you.

Just search for sites that look old & outdated and pitch your services to the webmasters of those sites – the more you do the better your chances of getting some good paying work.

2. Respond To Job Advertisements

For those new to freelance writing a good place to start is by responding to job ads to find quality writer jobs.

There are paid writing job boards you could check out but here are some of the better free ones to start with:

3. Tweets From Writing Job Accounts

Online Writing Jobs

Many Freelance Writers Earn a Decent Income From Writing

Follow tweets from writing job boards such as these;


4. LinkedIn

Check out LinkedIn’s Job Board and use your profile to do some networking on this site as it’s a great way to get known & pick up some quality work.

5. Social Media

Get active on social media telling everyone that you’re a freelance writer for hire.

You can also join Facebook groups, such as Blogger2Business and get involved in the conversation. This method takes time as it’s all about building relationships & trust but once you’re established as a competent writer the high paying jobs will come.

Pro Tip

Many beginner freelance writers sign up with content sites such as Guru, oDesk and Elance that offer writing jobs.

It may seem a great way to get writing jobs online but the big drawback is that their rates are really measly as they mostly work on a bidding system & generally go for the cheapest rate.

So my advice is don’t sell yourself short and settle for one-cent-a-word sort of rates, back yourself for the jobs that pay well – you deserve it.

Why Are There So Many Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners & Established Writers?

Freelance Writing Jobs South Africa

There Are Also Plenty Of Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

You may wonder where all of these writing jobs & paid assignments are in fact coming from.

Well the reason for the explosive growth of the online writing job industry is that many companies are in constant need of the help of average people to create content for their online web presence so that they can attract more more visitors to their web sites blogs & online portals to increase their online presence and market share.

Even the top blue chip companies such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Entertainment, Ford Motor Company & many more worldwide are using freelance writers to provide their quality material

But apart from these companies there are thousands upon thousands of ordinary companies & webmasters who require decent copy for their websites & blogs.

For them it’s all about getting high Google rankings & the traffic that comes with that and in order to do well in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for their markets they need to have top quality content.

Not only does the content have to be highly targetted to their market, it also needs to be comprehensive & full of information that their customers will want to read.

So quality & lengthy blog posts, or web pages, is what they need as they know Google loves this type of content.

The problem for many companies is that they do not have suitably competent writers in house, or are willing to do it themselves, so they have to recruit people like you & other freelance writers to get the job done properly.

It therefore follows that these webmasters & business people are more than happy to pay good money for good writing jobs that will enhance their online presence.

These type of writing jobs & other related assignments are provided to thousands of people each year from all over the world.

It therefore doesn’t usually matter where in the world you live as it is the quality of the content that matters, although some do have a preference of where their writers are based.

What Are the Requirements to Sign Up & Get Paid as a Writer?

You would be forgiven for thinking that to be a successful freelance writer you would need to be a qualified journalist or to at least have a degree in something.

Well the good news is that you don’t need anything like that at all.

There is one thing that would help though, and that is a passion for writing.

So if you don’t enjoy writing I don’t think freelance writing is the thing for you.

My advice is that if you do want to do it, don’t dwell on feeling inadequate (which is what most people do), just get your first assignment and plunge straight in.

You’ll probably deliver a fantastic piece which will have people clamoring for your freelance writing services.

All you really need is;

  • a certain amount of passion for writing
  • the courage to get started
  • the hunger & perseverance to reach a six figure income from writing

PS. Want An Easy Way To Start Making Money By Writing?

Start Your 7 Day Trial To Get Paid Writing Assignments Now »

Freelance Writing Jobs South Africa

Get Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay

There’s a paid website that will provide you with all sorts of writing jobs straight away without having to look for clients or writing jobs yourself.

They have more than 30 types of writing job categories including article writing, blogging, proof reading, legal writing, translation, etc – take a look at the rest of the categories here

Furthermore, these freelance writing assignments are not just restricted to people who live in the USA (as are many writing opportunities) but they’re available to people from all over the world including Africa – you can even get writing jobs in South Africa.

Once you’ve signed up on their site it’s as easy as this;

  1. Choose a job
  2. Submit your work
  3. Get paid

So if you want to get started right away, take this free 7 day trial – it doesn’t get much easier than that.


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