Make Money Online With Google

Make Money Online With Google

Wondering Whether You Can Still Make Money Online With Google? Damn Right You Can, Quite a Lot Actually If You Do It Right.

Making Money With Adsense

I’m guessing you’re reading this because you see the Google Adsense program as an easy way to make money online?

Well you’re right, it is.

However that’s only if you do the right things and operate in a totally ethical manner.

Oh yes, you’ll also need some awesome content on which to display Google’s Adsense ads.

I’ve made tens of thousands from the Google Adsense program as well as from their Adwords program, despite them both being on the opposite sides so to speak.

Whist they are both important components of this clever and highly successful Google online advertising program they differ in these two important ways;

  1. Google Adsense is for publishers who want to make money from displaying ads on their blogs & sites
  2. Google Adwords is for advertisers who want highly targetted traffic flooding their blog to buy their products & services.

To generate a reliable income in a fairly short space of time Adsense would be the program to opt for as it won’t cost you anything whilst having the possibility of making truckloads of cash from it.

On the other hand if you aren’t sure of how to set up an effective campaign with Adwords it can cost you a bundle of cash for little reward. So unless you are really proficient with Adwords I would just concentrate on this guide to make money online with Google Adsense.

How Much Money Can You Make with Google’s Adsense Program?

Can You Make $100,000 With Adsense

Shoemoney With His Iconic $132,994.97 Adsense Check He Earned Way Back In 2005

As mentioned above, generating a sustainable monthly income from Adsense remains one of the easiest and most reliable ways of earning decent money online.

In fact many Adsense publishers are making in excess of $10,000 a month, some are making more than $100,000 a month as per the list of some of the top Adsense earners below (figures vary from month to month);

  • $1,500,000 per month – Mashable
  • $1,000,000 per month – WikiHow
  • $300,000 per month – Markus Friend who owns
  • $250,000 per month – Kevin Rose of Digg
  • $150,000 per month – Jeremy Schoemaker a well known & successful internet marketer

So while I’m sure you wouldn’t expect to earn these type of figures in the short term, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be satisfied by earning just a few measly dollars every day…

…realistically you would probably want to earn more than a $1000 a month in the short term & grow this to a reliable $10,000 a month income.

So what is the secret to making this type of money with AdSense you may ask?

Well below are some solid tips & tricks that you can employ effectively with your Adsense strategy to get started on the right track to earn more than a decent income from Adsense. You will never get rich chasing the next hot opportunity. Understand the larger business trends. Discover how wealth builders of the past have profited from them. And do the same with your time and money.

3 Key Factors That Could Make Or Break Your Adsense Earnings

Ever wonder why some people are making well in excess of 5 figures every month without having to do much at all, whilst so many struggle to reach just $100 a month with Adsense?

Well there are three key factors that can influence your Adsense earning potential, and these are the following;

1. Website Traffic

Clearly, the more traffic your site gets the more clicks it should generate – therefore a site, that despite displaying Adsense ads, that doesn’t get much traffic is not going to generate much in Adsense revenue.

Search engines and site visitors thrive on the following stuff;

  • Sites that provide value – A site that is sticky will encourage people will stay on it because it is informative, interesting and of value to the site visitor.
  • The longer visitors stay on a site the higher the perceived value of the site is and the more likely it’ll be that they click on Adsense ads.
  • Content – A site that has lots of content and pages that provides value is likely to generate more traffic than smaller sites.
  • Therefore sites with many pages all providing good value for their visitors is also search engine fodder, ie search engines love sites with lots of content which means that the pages could rank well in the serps (Search Engine Results Pages) and therefore attract more traffic and get more Adsense clicks.
  • Updated Content – Sites that have content that is updated regularly or new content that is added often will interest the search engines and increase the site’s popularity which will get more visitors and Adsense clicks.

2. How the Ads are Displayed

Google allows you various options which can be used to customize your ads so that they can be displayed for maximum effect as follows;

  • Color – You are able to customize the ads to blend in with your site in terms of the text, links, background and border
  • Size of Ad – There are various sizes which you can choose from – you need to consider which size is best for a particular page as selecting an inappropriate size will definitely affect your CTR (click through rate) which affects your income.
  • Number of Ads – You are allowed to place up to three instances of AdSense code on each page – use them all if you can, but vary the type of implementation
  • Text Ads or Text and Image Ads – You will also have a choice of whether to display banner ads or just textual ads.
  • Positioning – Positioning is important, place the ads where they are most likely to be seen – for instance ads above the fold are more likely to be clicked on than others stuck away in the bowels of the page.

Google also provides a heat map showing what in their opinion is the best place to have your ads displayed.

3. Your Site’s Theme or Topic

If your site is based on a popular topic like web hosting or photography for instance, there won’t be a shortage of advertisers and therefore Adsense ads for Google to serve up on your site.

You’ll also earn a higher CPC (Cost Per Click) as the competitive nature of a particular niche drives up the amount advertisers have to pay to get their ads seen.

The trade-off is however, that with a popular topic you not only get high paying Adsense ads to display, but there’s also stacks of competition making it harder to get your site or blog seen in the SERPS.

On the other hand if your site’s topic is all about the mating habits of the north sea clam, not only will you have little competition, but Google won’t have any advertisers to display ads on your site and therefore you won’t be making any money from Adsense.

Therefore you will need to get the right balance between ultra competitive themes and those that are less so but still have enough interest for Adsense ads to be served up on your blog.

Warning – Do Not Run Foul Of the Adsense TOS

A word of caution…

Whilst Adsense is an easy way for website owners & bloggers to make easy money you must play by their rules otherwise you run the risk of having your account closed with little chance of getting a reprieve.

So if you commit to always being honest and ethical with the way you operate online, you should be able to keep your nose clean and stay in Google’s good books.

So be sure to read and fully understand the Adsense ToS (Terms of Service) because Google is ruthless on those who contravene their terms and usually banish them to finding a far less easy way to earning money online – once you’ve had your account disabled there is no way back.

Google’s sophisticated systems will know whether you’ve employed some dodgy system to click your ads (for example) so do not try and cheat – Google will always catch those who think they can beat the system and summarily close their accounts – which is understandable as Google doesn’t want their advertisers to be paying for fraudulent clicks.

Google will also close the accounts of those Adsense publishers who use arbitrage tactics to generate traffic and clicks.

This is a system whereby a publisher uses cheap Google Adwords clicks, or another Adwords type program like Bing, to drive traffic to a site where the visitor may click on an Adsense ad that generates a higher income than the cost of the Adword’s click.

Last Word On How To Make Money Online With Google

Believe it or not, Google rakes in $15 billion dollars or more each year in advertising revenue.

Do you what’s so exciting about this?

It’s that they pay a large chunk of this revenue out to ordinary people like you and me.

To claim your share of this impressive amount of dosh you just need to create a blog (for free on Google’s blogging platform if you want), post some awesome content and place the Adsense code on your pages.

Then hopefully you can sit back and watch your Adsense passive income machine working its magic.


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