Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Effective Marketing Tools Will Help Propel Your Business Growth

To compete successfully in the online marketing space you need to have an impressive collection of marketing tools that will give you the advantage.

Maximising your content in order for it to reach your target market is not only hard work, but it requires skills which these marketing tools can assist you with.

Hopefully the tools and resources below will help you with new content creation ideas, email marketing, better & faster web hosting, finding competitive high ranking keywords and all the other things that take so much time with only a hope of getting right.

Let’s get your site on steroids with some of these “must have” marketing tools

10 Essential Marketing Tools & Resources For Your Business

1. Professional Web Hosting For a Pro Web Presence

If you want a professional online business you need to have a professionally hosted site.

In fact you need to be able to trust your web hosting company to provide you with 24/7 uptime with fast page loading speeds.

Google penalises slow sites which is the last thing you need if you’ve spent so much time getting all the other things spot on.

Furthermore, with Bluehost you can have multiple domains on one account so there’s no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website or blog

Oh yes, it also comes with free WordPress software and all the functionality you require as well as many website templates & other features, not least of all great support – you would have to go far to beat the value that you will get from this hosting provider.

I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now at only $3.95/month.

2. Niche & Keyword Research

Keyword Tools

Tools For Effective Niche & Keyword Research

This is often seen as the holy grail of internet marketing – if you can get the right keywords (keyword phrases) that have big demand & little competition you’re in business.

The following tools will help you in your journey to achieving this.

  • Long Tail Pro – This powerful top-of-the-range keyword research tool allows you to generate hundreds or thousands of unique long tail keywords in just a few minutes based on a single or multiple root keywords…this tool is a must for all levels of internet marketers.
  • Wordtracker – Another keyword tool that’ll help you find those long tail keywords which are are exactly what you need to get that highly targetted traffic to your blog, the type that has a good chance of buying.
  • Google’s Keyword Tool – this is a popular tool from the Google giant & to top it all it is totally free to use (as long as you have a Google account) & provides many useful keyword combinations, with search volumes for each one.
  • Search Engine Marketing – use this membership site which will help you get your blog to the top of the search engines which is obviously where you want to be to earn real money.

3. Images & Graphics

You’ll definitely need some high quality images to enhance the look of your blog.

Professional looking ones aren’t always easy to find but these sites offer thousands to choose from.

4. E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing $19/Month!As an online marketer I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “the money is in the list”.

Well it’s never been more important than now and could be your biggest & most important ally in your online business.

Aweber’s email marketing software gives you the ability to create signup forms & newsletters that can be sent out automatically in a timed fashion to every new subscriber.

With features such as their campaign & email scheduling automation, and the way they make it so easy to integrate their program onto your sites, it’s a must.

You need to start signing up your site’s visitors now by integrating Aweber into you site or blog today.

5. Affiliate Networks

  • ShareASale – this network provides its affiliates with great tracking tools & support and provides a wide range of quality products & services which you can promote. One of their features, that I find extremely effective, is that you can generate custom affiliate links to direct traffic to a specific page pf the product or service you are promoting. Unfortunately most affiliate programs only allow you to send traffic directly to the vendor’s sales page which in some cases you may not think represents your pitch favorably.
  • ClickBank – this is one of the most popular networks for providing digital products that can be sold online – it’s important to carefully scrutinize the products you want to market as whilst there are many poor quality products, there are also some very decent products in the ClickBank Marketplace that you can sell online.
  • Commission Junction – CJ is another network that has a lot of credibility amongst affiliates & offers many products & services for marketing

6. Free Blogging & Content Creation Platforms

Free Blogging & Content Creation Platforms

Free Blogging & Content Creation Platforms

If you want to generate content on a free platform here 3 that you can use to good effect.

A word of caution if you’re planning to spend a huge amount of time & energy into them is that they have been known to change their Terms of Service (ToS) without notice which could destroy your business overnight.

It is therefore always important to ensure that your main money site is totally under your control with your own domain & hosted on your terms so it’s not affected by external factors.

  1. WordPress – this is the famous WordPress blogging platform but the free variety – not as good as having your WordPress blog hosted with your own domain name – this one will be similar to
  2. Blogger – this is a free blog creation platform which will have in your domain name.
  3. Facebook – no need to provide more information on this one…

7. E-Book Cover Creators – Free

If you are going to create your own product you will need to present it as a professionally designed package in the form of an actual book or box.

You can do this with using one of the free e-book cover creators below;

  • My eCover Maker – you will need to sign up with your name & email address & then you will be able to use this great product to create your own e-covers. They offer you 5 free e-cover versions from which you can choose which should be enough to get you started.
  • Boxshot Online – this software will allow you to choose a cover, DVD cover, a box plus other graphics and the software will arrange them into a 3D box.

8. SEO Tools

  • MozBar is arguably the best really good free SEO toolbar that you can get – there are some excellent reasons you should grab this free tool, for one, it has much better link analysis than SEO Quake on the free version but you can run them in unison to get the best of both worlds.
  • SEO Quake is another great free toolbar that you should install to run alongside the MozBar above
  • Ahrefs – the free version of this provides you with great information on backlinks to your sites as well as your competitors which is information you would die for.
  • Screaming Frog is another great SEO tool which you can download for free and use it to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyse onsite SEO.

9. Virtual Assistant Tools

Virtual Assistant Tools

Outsource Some Of Your Online Jobs With These Virtual Assistant Tools

As your business grows or when you find you need some expertise with anything from designing a logo to building a data base or just getting some content written it’s good to know you can outsource this kind of work to virtual assistants.

Here are just some you’ll find useful

  • Fiverr – This is an awesome resource as you’ll find anything you need from getting web design material to a video being made of someone dancing around in a Goofy suit with your logo on it – all starting from $5 a pop.
  • ProBlogger Job Board – This is where you can connect with other bloggers & writers when you need some tried & tested content writers to create some good content for you.
  • LinkedIn – If you head on over to LinedIn and type copywriter + student in the address bar you’ll get a whole stack of students willing to do copywriting for you at reasonable rates – a great resource if you don’t want to pay professional rates when you can get a reasonably good job done by students at a fraction of the price.
  • SuperTasker – Another good resource for outsourcing any sort of web based job with a twist – they aim to get their jobs done in an hour.

10. Essential Affiliate Tools

Whilst most of the above are in essence affiliate tools, this suite of tools is a must have for any internet marketer who wants to keep their finger on the pulse.

Not only will this software help elevate your site in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) but also provide you a range of affiliate marketing necessities including the following essentials;

  • Discover which keywords are working best for you
  • Track your rankings in all the major search engines
  • Keep track of your competitors
  • View long-term trends for your rankings, traffic, social activity as well as your earnings
  • Build those much needed backlinks better & faster

These Tools Are Essential For Improving Your Search Engine Rankings…

Try Them Out Now – For Free »

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