How To Start a Blog For Free In South Africa 2017

How to start a blog for free in South Africa

You Can Start a Free Blog From Anywhere There’s An Internet Connection

Do you know why it’s a great idea to learn how to start a blog for free in South Africa?

Well, you’ve been thinking of starting a blog in South Africa, this is the ideal way to do it as it’s not only free, but you can also experiment with a few different blogging ideas on different platforms to see which works best.

The steps below will show you exactly how to start a free blog in South Africa or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Want to know some other benefits of setting up a free blog?

  • Your blog can be live on the net within an hour or so.
  • It is completely free to setup and publish your blog on the net.
  • Even the domain name you choose and the cost of hosting your blog is totally free.
  • All you’ll need to pay for is your internet connection, unless you do all your blogging in a free WiFi zone, and your time.
  • And you can even set up your free blog to make some money for you – more about that later.

So let me show you how to create a blog for free…

Pro Tip: The most successful blogs are those that are written honestly and provide awesome content that people love to read

8 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Free Blog

How to start a blog for free with Blogger

How To Start a Blog For Free With Blogger (Powered by Google)

1. Choose your free bogging platform

You can choose from the 2 most popular free blogging platforms below;

i. WordPress – powered by WordPress

click here and follow the prompts to create your account

ii. Blogger (Blogspot) – powered by Google

click here and then hit the “CREATE YOUR BLOG” button which will prompt you to login with an existing Google account or you can create a new one (for free).

There’s nothing to stop you from setting up blogs on both platforms to see which one is best for you. They’re both free and it won’t cost you anything extra.

I’ve based this free blog startup guide on Google’s blogger platform.

So once you’ve signed in or created your free Google account here just follow these steps…

2. Click the Down arrow In the top left corner & click “New blog”

3. Then click “Create new” in the bottom right corner

4. Enter a name for your blog

Make sure the name you choose is a memorable one that you can also use for your domain name.

It should also be appropriate for your blog’s theme or niche.

So if you’re going to be publishing the latest fashion trends you would rather have than (or

5. Choose Your Blog’s URL

Your blog’s URL will be your blog’s domain or web address.

Although the url will end in (the price you pay for a free one) you should try to use your blog title (name) in some form for your blog’s url.

Remember to make it memorable which means it should be short, sharp and catchy.

Whilst it’s not easy to come up with something straight away, it may be worthwhile spending some time thinking of a name you’ll be proud of and that’s appropriate for your blog.

Check out other blog names in your niche to get some good ideas.

6. Choose a Template

The template you choose should be appropriate for your blog’s theme.

So if you blog’s to do with fashion, a techie design may not be the one you’d want to choose.

7. Click Create Blog

Time to publish your blog and create content that will have visitors flooding in.

Don’t forget that you can always go back and edit things that you think should be changed.

8. Get Your Blog Out There

To get some interest and visitors to your blog you should start a social media campaign by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Here’s a Quick Way To Make Money From Your Blog

Now that you know how to create a blog for free you probably also want to know how to make some money from it.

The easiest, and one of the most effective ways, to almost instantly start making money from your blog is by displaying Adsense ads on it.

Just a few points about Adsense & Blogger…

  • I should just mention that the free blog setup guide above was to start a blog on the blogger platform (blogspot) which is powered by Google.
  • This is important as it makes a lot of sense to partner with Google’s Adsense program with a blog published on Google’s blogging platform – see the connection?
  • So, in my opinion, it makes good sense to use one of the most effective online earning methods (Adsense) on the blogging platform that is owned by the advertising program’s parent company, Google.

5 Steps To Publish Adsense Ads On Your Blog

  1. So without further ado, sign up to become an Adsense publisher here
  2. Once you account has been approved you can sign in to your account and copy the code for the size ads you want to display and copy the code into your blog.
  3. Remember that every time someone clicks on your ads you (and Google) get a portion of the ad revenue – the more clicks you get, the more you earn.
  4. So it’s important to get the size and positioning of your ads correct as this can effect the CTR (ClickThrough Rate) and consequently the amount you make from Adsense.
  5. Lastly, before you start slapping Adsense ads all over the place please post some decent content on your blog and let it get a bit of integrity first. Also be sure to read the Adsense TOS because if you run foul of them your account will be closed & you’ll probably be banned from Adsense forever.

Go here to find out more about making money with Adsense »

Want To Change Your Blog’s Name?

It’s easy to edit and change the name of your blog, just follow these steps…

  • Sign in to your Blogger account
  • In the left menu, click Settings and then Basic
  • Next to “Title” click Edit
  • Enter a new name for your blog
  • Click Save changes and you’re done

I hope this guide gives you some inspiration to getting your blog started today.

Once you start posting some interesting content you’ll find it really rewarding, especially when your site visitors start acknowledging your work.

The more useful your audience finds your blog the more money you’ll make too.

So get blogging and enjoy the journey.

PS. Some bloggers like Smartblogger (and others) make more than $100,000 a month from their blogs, however others (the majority) only manage to scrape together a few measly dollars a month from theirs.

Oh yes, there’s also Michael Arrington who pulls in a cool $500,000 to $800,000 per month from his technology blog.

I know which side my earnings are moving towards, where do want your blog earnings to be?

If you’re like me you’ll want your blog’s earnings to be trending towards those of the Smartbloggers of this world…

…so take a moment to read how Mark Ling made his millions by using this Affiliate Blueprint »

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