How To Write eBooks That Sell

How To Write eBooks That Sell

With the Right Training Anyone Can Learn How To Write eBooks That Sell Well

Think it’s a waste of time finding out how to write eBooks that sell?

Well judging from the numbers of bloggers who want to know how to write eBooks that sell, I would say it’s a lucrative way to earn a decent income.

In fact, as more and more bloggers are finding that the revenue from their blogs is so underwhelming that they are being forced to seek out more lucrative income streams like writing and selling eBooks for profit.

Writing an eBook or any other information product is really an online marketing task which will suit any blogger perfectly.

When you think of it, writing an eBook that will make real money requires the following elements to be addressed effectively;

  • Choosing a topic
  • Positioning it
  • Employing a specific copy writing strategy
  • Your target market
  • Filling a need or solving a problem

Carefully considering all of the above will determine, amoungst other things, whether there is a demand for it & if so, whether it’ll be good enough for people to be persuaded to shell out their hard earned dollars for.

Another consideration is to decide on what format your eBook should take.

The usual PDF format seems a bit cheap, but maybe that’s all that’s required for your book.

I’m pretty sure however, that you will need to be able to upload it on Amazon’s Kindle so that it’s on the world’s largest eBook marketplace.

How to Write An eBook and Make Money

The following elements need to be present in order to create an eBook that sells

  1. A profitable topic & target market or niche needs to be clearly identified
  2. The viability of developing the eBook needs to be researched or you could be wasting a great deal of time & effort creating an eBook that does not sell
  3. The burning issues of your market need to be discovered so that you can address & solve them in your eBook
  4. Know how to write an eBook quickly and effortlessly whilst understanding how the problem is presented in your market’s view & providing real solutions thereto.
  5. Have access to free editing services
  6. Your eBook needs to be published in the most effective format for your online market
  7. It must be able to stand out from the rest (in its niche) to become a best seller on Amazon

Are eBooks Still a Viable Option?

Whilst eBooks still have a massive demand & certain advantages over buying a book in a bookstore, real books remain strong competitors to the eBook format.

Although the convenience factor of buying eBooks online is so quick & easy, as well as cheaper in most cases, the physical article from the book shop still has strong appeal to many people.

Notwithstanding the above, there is undoubtedly a massive online eBook market that is just itching to buy your creation.

This is borne out by online marketers who make indecent amounts of money from selling eBooks on all kinds of topics from self help to healthy recipes.

Plus, for any topic where there is already a “real” book available, you’re most likely going to lose the sale, instantly downloadable or not. People trust Amazon, and whether fair or not, they consider “real” authors to be those who are delivered in ink on dead tree material.

So if your goal is to write a 200-page book, you might just go ahead and try to get a publisher, or even have your work self-published. People who read books tend to love books themselves, so it makes sense to give book lovers what they want… a real book.

eBooks That Sell Solve Real Problems

It may sound obvious, but there are so many lengthy eBooks online that aren’t raking in the cash simply because they don’t provide real problem solving information that their headline topic promises.

For instance acne sufferers would probably have their interest piqued by an eBook title stating “5 Guaranteed Ways To Cure Your Acne In 7 Days”.

But if the book is full of fluff & old regurgitated information that does not really work, the book will get poor reviews and end up being a total failure.

However, if you had to create & publish an eBook on the same topic with the same title but provide new, tried & tested ways to get rid of acne with references to clinical trials showing your solution really works, you could probably have a winner.

In other words, it should be provide a real, life changing solution to your target market’s need.

More eBook misconceptions…

  • eBook creators often confuse the size of the book, ie the number of pages, with quality.
  • This is simply not true as you can generate really decent profits from a small eBook or document that is only 10 pages long provided it is filled with quality content that its target market is crying out for.
  • Another misconception is that the content does not necessarily have to be original. The most important thing is that it must get to the crux of the reader’s problem & be able to provide an effective solution to it.
  • All you need to do is provide information in a well presented eBook that people will trust even if the same information can be found for free by searching for it online. People often think it’s more worthy if they have to pay as they are often sceptical of free material.
  • If you haven’t established your reputation & credibility as a writer yet, you could always partner with someone who has until you can sell your work on your own credentials.
  • Lastly writing about your passion isn’t going to work if your passion is all about “the mating habits of the north sea clam” as you won’t have anyone interested in buying it. So ensure that the eBook you write solves a real problem that people would pay for in order to create an eBook that sells like crazy.

7 Day eBook

How to Write eBooks That Sell

How to Write eBooks That Sell

The one course that provides clear guidance & real information on researching & developing a best selling eBook is Jim Edwards’ 7Day eBook course.

Jim Edwards (a prolific creator and writer with a huge online pedigree) together with Joe Vitales, provides you with essential information to enable you to bring your eBook into the age of the Kindle and other eBook readers.

This is what one successful eBook creator says about Jim’s book;

The session on choosing an eBook topic that has sales potential is actually worth the full price of the course. Can it work? Well, I can tell you that six days after completing the course, I finished my first eBook, complete with cover graphics and an audiobook version as a bonus. Get the course, follow the instructions, publish, rinse, and repeat.
– Gary MacFadden

Included with the book are these essential bonuses & detailed sections for an eBook to become a hit;

  • Jim’s “Ebook Description Wizard”
  • Jim’s “Killer Ebook Title Wizard”
  • “How To Take Every Major Credit Card On The Planet”
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to format, publish & sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle
  • How to get Amazon Kindle to sell your eBook for you on the web’s largest eBook retailer!

All this is done for you in Jim Edwards’ 7 Day eBook course

If I could’ve written an eBook course to enable anyone to create eBooks that really sell I would’ve created this one.

I therefore have no problem in recommending the 7 Day eBook to anyone who wants to generate an income from selling their own eBook creation.

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