Making Money Online In South Africa 2017

Making Money In South Africa

Real Ways Of Making Money In South Africa

Dreaming of an innovative way of making money online in South Africa this year?

To quote Thomas Edison, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” which could be the reason holding back  many capable entrepreneurs of not realising their dreams of making money online in South Africa.

So whilst people often know how to make money online, they lack the energy and perseverance of using that knowledge to turn it into an online money making machine.

Granted, it’s not always going to be easy but understand one thing, making money online in South Africa is a reality which many people can’t quite believe.

What Do You Need To Make Money Online?

As someone who’s been making money online for a number of years in niches ranging from the health to debt, lending industries as well the alternative energy niche, I know a thing or two about what it takes to make money online.

Making Money Online In South Africa

Making Money Online In South Africa Isn’t Always Easy But Can Be very Rewarding

Here’s how it worked for me in the beginning…

  • Whilst I, probably like you, also started at the bottom, however what I did differently to many who haven’t done that well out of it, was to see what worked for the big earners and tried to adapt some of their strategies & techniques to my business.
  • I spent a great deal of time learning how to optimise my sites for search engines (SEO) and after much testing & tweeking I managed to outrank all the major banks & lending institutions for insanely popular keywords like “personal loans” & “home loans” on just one of my sites.
  • As you can imagine this created floods of highly targetted traffic with visitors signing up for loans and clicking on Adsense ads in their droves resulting in me raking in the cash, so much so that I thought every day was Christmas.
  • Not only did it carry on like this but things actually improved year on year with Google even giving me “special” types of listings in their SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) in some instances.
  • Surprisingly my sites were largely unaffected by any of Google’s algorithm updates until their Panda one which wiped my sites of the internet overnight.
  • I couldn’t believe what had happened and as it slowly dawned on me that the good times were over I knuckled down and started building my sites for the post Panda era and I’m slowly getting back to the big earning days.

So if you’re at all serious about succeeding in the making money online game, you need an enormous amount of energy & perseverance together with loads of common sense and smarts.

Combine these traits into delivering quality content that your audience will see value in and you’ll have what it takes to make money online in South Africa.

5 Ways To Make Money Online In South Africa

1. Set Up An Online Business

Starting your own online business not only gives you the earning potential you dream of, but it also builds you an asset with value that you can sell one day and create wealth for yourself.

You can test the waters by setting up a free blog to see if it’s what you want to do or, better still, commit to it and use these 8 steps to starting an online business in South Africa.

2. Write and Sell eBooks For Profit

Write and Sell eBooks To Make Money Online

Write and Sell eBooks To Make Money Online

Writing eBooks and selling them on online isn’t a new concept but it is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online.

Not only is it a highly profitable enterprise, but it’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

This could be an especially good option for people who have expert knowledge in a certain niche or know how to solve a particular problem that people are always looking for answers to.

So if you can write with a certain amount of authority on one of the topics mentioned above you’ll be onto a winner.

10 eBook Topics In Demand (and Others)

  1. Weight Loss – this is an old favourite but it still sells well if you can narrow it down to a small but popular niche like “how to lose weight in your 50’s” for example
  2. How To… books are perennial sellers
  3. Special Reports converted into eBooks
  4. Technical Manuals on just about anything
  5. Money – making it, borrowing it, lending it, saving it, growing it, investing it, spending it, wasting it, using it to create wealth
  6. Wellness – this is a huge industry where you can identify a small niche and write about solving a problem or improving something.
  7. Create An In-Depth Guide On Something
  8. Interview a Famous Person – or a semi-famous person on something that there’s interest in
  9. Write An eBook On Your Life’s Successes & Failures – you’d be surprised as to how many people would be keen to buy it as they can probably identify with it.
  10. Write an eBook That Disproves a Popular Myth (or Theory)

You can also give away a free eBook to grow your email subscriber list for your online business & a bigger list = more money

Find out here how to write your first eBook and make money online from it »

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing To Make Money Online In South Africa

Freelance Writing Is a Viable Way Of Making Money Online In South Africa

If you like to write then freelance writing will not only be enjoyable, it can also earn you a decent income online.

Just to give you an idea as to why it’s such a popular way to earn money online, some of the more successful writers are earning up to R13,00 ($1) a word whilst some are earning twice that amount.

Sounds good but to be honest you won’t be earning that kind of money from the outset.

Want To Get Paid Well For Writing Articles From Home?

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You first need to build a portfolio and reputation but while you’re doing that you can certainly start earning at the same time.

It would be a good idea to build your portfolio or web presence first which could be in the form of a free blog if you don’t want to spend money building your own site.

Once you’ve got that done you can start contacting some of the freelance writing companies to get some paying writing assignments

Read up more about getting real freelance writing jobs here »

4. Blogging

Blogging To Make Money Online

Blogging Is a Great Way To Make Money Online

I know, not blogging again, but stick with me, blogging done right is what’s made plenty of online writers millions.

It’s your own little piece of online real estate where you can write about anything that interests you, and others hopefully, in order to develop and cultivate a following that will buy stuff from your blog.

it’s really not that difficult and it can be loads of fun as well as a highly lucrative way of making money fast.

How To Make Money From Your Blog?

  1. Advertising – this is the easiest as well as one of the most popular ways of monetising blogs. The most popular advertising program for publishers is Google’s program Adsense and this is how you can make money with it.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – another easy way of taking cash from your site visitors is selling them other people’s stuff (often in the form of eBooks or software) in return for commission. Some of the super affiliates earn in excess of $100,000 a month in commssions – learn these smart affiliate marketing techniques here.

There are other ways of making money from your blog like paid memberships, selling your own products & services as well as sponsored & pay to view posts.

5. More Ways To Make Money Online

Ideas To Make Money Online

More Ideas To Make Money Online

  • Develop An App – You’ll need technical experience for this one but if you see a gap for something clever & innovative you could have a big earner.
  • Fiverr Gigs – Offering gigs on anything from SEO, creating backlinks, graphic design, accounting, social media marketing or web development could earn you a decent income on Fiverr
  • eMail Marketing – Build your own email list in your niche and sell your subscribers products & services through your weekly email newsletter which you can set up to run on auto pilot like Aweber’s professional email autoresponder does.
  • Auction Stuff on eBay – Make decent money by becoming an eBay Power Seller by researching the most successful eBay sellers in your niche and copy their online selling formula.
  • Photography – You can make money by selling your photos online to companies like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto but you’ll need to provide them with quality material to make anything from it.
  • Paid Surveys – I haven’t done this myself but it seems as though you can make quite a bit by taking paid surveys
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